The topic of transparency and authenticity is very important to me, because I feel like being honest towards my readers regarding sponsored content is only fair and of great importance. Please know that I will only enter into a cooperation if I can 100% identify myself with the product or request.  Even with paid cooperations I will always present my own personal opinion on the blog. 

Types of cooperation here on the blog:

Product placements
These contributions serve the advertorial of products and are usually paid. Even unpaid advertising, in which the remuneration usually consists of products will be marked as such. 
Product placements and advertorials will be marked with ‚In cooperation with …‘. 

Affiliate links and codes 
Some of my posts may contain so-called affiliate links (often in the form of photos). These are links from online shops and companies. If someone buys through these generated links, I receive a small commission as a thank you. There are no disadvantages for you readers, the products do not cost more than they would otherwise. Especially with codes you can even save some money! If affiliate links are included in the post, then they will be marked „This post contains affiliate links“ at the end of the post.

PR samples
Often products are sent to me free of charge and without obligation for testing. It is up to me to share it. If I like a product, I like to include it in my posts. However, sending a PR sample does not automatically mean I’m presenting this product on the blog. I always decide for myself which products find their way to This is also always my personal opinion. Posts containing PR samples are marked with „This entry contains pr-samples“ at the end. 

PR trips
These include invitations to events or to a hotel. These cooperations are unpaid. The compensation is the free stay. 

Advertising on Instagram and Facebook
Due to the relatively unclear legal situation regarding disclosing brand partnerships on social media, opinions differ on this topic. It is important to me that, at first glance, it can be seen from the description of the image what kind of cooperation it is. Therefore, I use at the beginning of the promotion the label * ad/advertisement * or for German posts* Werbung*.

If anything else is unclear or you have more questions regarding advertising, promotion and brand partnerships, please feel free to send me an email.