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tips for bloggers

In this blog post I am sharing my 5 most valuable tips for bloggers that are just starting out. If you are a beginner looking to grow your blog traffic then you found the right article.  The advice I am giving you in the blog post is priceless and has helped me grow my monthly impressions continuously.

1. Do keyword research before you write a blogpost

A big mistake I made for a very long time when I started out with blogging was not researching keywords before I wrote my blog posts. I would think of a recipe, cook it, shoot it and write a blog post about it using a random keyword that came to my mind. No wonder I didn’t get any blog traffic in the beginning. My blog traffic exponentially grew once I started to do proper keyword research before shooting the actual recipe. It saved me so much work as well. Now I only shoot recipes that I know will rank and are searched for on Google. Guys – this tip is a game changer for your blogging statistics.
Some tools I can recommend for keyword research are:

Simply plug your keyword in and find out if you are going to be able to rank for it. If you are just starting out and have a small blog I would recommend you try to go for keywords of about 700-1900 searches per month. These are not too competitive and you will be able to rank on the first page faster.

2. Have a content calendar

Every first of the month I sit down and plan the content for the new month. I do this by printing out a calendar that shows me exactly the days and dates. For example I dedicate every Thursday for uploading a new blog post. Every Tuesday and Wednesday I schedule my content creation days in the mornings. That is when I record Youtube videos, Tiktoks, shoot food pics and do photoshoots.

tips for bloggers beginner guide

I also add to the calendar special promotion events that I want to do for my followers like for example last weekend I did an Instagram live cooking class or next week I am planning a fitness shoutout day. Doing this really helps me to spread out my content and stay consistent with my postings across all platforms. It also helps me to not forget about new, exciting I ideas I have for my followers and put them into action.

tips for bloggers

3. Website loading speed

Google likes fast websites. So make sure your page is loading fast. How do you do this?
By optimizing your content for it. In the beginning I exported my Lightroom file in the best quality possible to make sure they are perfect for my blog. One image often had over 20MB in size – which is a humongous file size! After some time I checked my website speed online and was flabbergasted by how slow my page was loading. Now looking back I know why. My images were too big. When you upload images make sure to keep them under 150kb. This means when you export images you need to reduce them in size. These are my specifications I use for my blog images when I export them from Lightroom:

Export for blog in Lightroom

4. Link to Pinterest

Starting to use Pinterest resulted in much more traffic on my blog. Now I am always pinning the photos on my blog posts to my Pinterest account. Each individual photo is linked to my blog. So if someone is looking for a healthy low carb breakfast, finds my photo and clicks on it that person lands directly on my blog. For example last month I got 113,809 impressions on my blog just from people who found my pins on Pinterest.
Also make sure to shoot your recipes vertically and not horizontally. Pinterest doesn’t like horizontal photos. 

Blogging tips

Regarding tips for bloggers I can recommend Tailwind (affiliate link) to schedule your pins.   It makes it so much easier and takes a lot of work off your hands since it is pinning automatically for you. I sit down one hour every week to plan my pins on Tailwind (affiliate link) and then I’m good to go for an entire week. Once I started to use this tool I saw such a tremendous growth of blog traffic. It makes life so much easier. 


5. Optimize text for SEO

Make sure the text you write for your blog post is optimized for search engines. Define a keyword and use that keyword throughout your paragraphs. Use variations of that keyword to enhance chances of getting found on Google. I find related keywords by typing my main search term into google and then checking out “searches related to keyword” section at the bottom of the first page. You also find a “people ask” section there. I try to incorporate answers to these questions in my blog postings.

finding related keywords on google

Don’t use complex word structures or long sentences. Use paragraphs to make it easier to read the text and define a meta description.

My recommendation: If you are using WordPress install the free YOAST Plug-in. It will give you useful tips of how to optimize and improve your text.

More resources

If you want you can watch my YouTube video about this topic as well: 

Here are some other helpful blogging articles I have written in the past: 

I also have a food blogging success online course in case you are a passionate foodie wanting to kickstart your food blogging career: 

Course for food bloggers

And last but not least you can sign up for my blogging bootcamp where I summarize my best blogging content for you in an email series: 

I really hope you found these tips for bloggers helpful! 


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