The best healthy food in Ubud – raw & vegan

Best healthy food in Ubud

In this food guide on finding the best healthy food in Ubud I will be sharing some of my personal favorite vegetarian, raw, vegan cafes as well as restaurants that I have been to while visiting the bustling center of Bali.

The food experience in Ubud

Early November I got to spend a whole week in Ubud, which is known to be the ultimate paradise for vegans and raw food lovers. Ubud has this spiritual vibe going on, focusing a lot on yoga practices, raw and healing food as well as esoteric powers and supranatural experiences. The smell of joss sticks will follow you everywhere you go and girls with messy hair buns carrying their yoga mats will cross your way many times. Ubud is the spiritual center of Bali and very focused on well-being and healing the body from within. The whole vegan and eating raw concept fits perfectly into Ubudians belief system and is well promoted by new and traditional restaurants.

It’s easy being a vegan in Ubud

Lucky enough I got to experience Ubud’s cuisine while being on a 30 day vegan challenge. I could not have picked a better place for my plant-based mission! On the 1st of November I started to eat vegan in Singapur and it was almost impossible to find vegan food there. I was desperately trying to find something to eat for lunch and dinner there, asking so many food stalls if they had anything vegan. They just looked at me funny and I had the feeling they had never even heard the word vegan before.

Ubud is completely the opposite of what I experienced in Singapore. If you are looking for healthy food in Ubud you definitely will find a lot of amazing places to choose from. Ubud is heavily vegan focused and most cafes and restaurants already advertise their vegan dishes outside. I was surprised that even the local and traditional Indonesian Warungs (eateries) offer a lot of plant-based meals.

Best healthy food in Ubud

Finding healthy cafes and restaurants in Ubud

Eating plant-based in Ubud is definitely not a trend anymore, but a sheer lifestyle! This is reflected in the amount of plant-based only restaurants you find there. Never ever have I seen so many vegan only restaurants that do not even offer dairy or meat dishes in their menu. However, Ubud is taking it one step further and there are quite a lot of raw vegan restaurants that have opened over the last years. These places prepare all dishes under 48 degrees Celsius to preserve all the important vitamins. 

I was surprised by the creativity and originality of the dishes we were served in all of these awesome cafes and restaurants. Everything tasted amazing and it won’t make you miss dairy or meat one single bit. During my stay in Ubud is was actually so easy to eat vegan and its so nice to go to a restaurant and not having to think about what to order because everything on the menu is good to go! I discovered eating Tempe in Ubud. Omg it is the most delicious vegan meat alternative! 

What I also noticed in all places was that they are very focused on sustainability. None of the restaurants I went to used plastic straws or any other type of plastic for table-wear, take-away boxes or glass coasters. Most restaurants follow a zero waste concept, which I find great!

In this blog post I will share with you my tips for best raw and vegan food in Ubud and will link to my favorite restaurants that I have visited during my stay. These places are definitely a bit more pricey than the traditional Indonesian places, but you also get better quality of ingredients and a nicer atmosphere. Be prepare to pay between 50k and 90k for one main dish.

Best healthy food in Ubud

Seeds of Life – raw vegan restaurant

Seeds of Life was the first raw vegan restaurant I have ever been to. Oh wow what an experience! Walking in you immediately know you found the spiritual center of Ubud. Everyone is sitting on the floor and the restaurant is filled with yogis and guys in dread locks. The menu is basically a novel explaining in great detail each dish, drink and the importance of raw food. They have a taoist tonic bar as well, providing you with the most interesting life enhancing magic drinks. I ordered a zucchini walnut lasagne and my boyfriend got the pizza. For dessert we both had a vegan cheesecake. Food was absolutely delicious! The cafe was very busy so we had to wait a long time for our food.

Raw Vegan lasange at Seeds of life ubud
Raw Vegan Lasagne

Elixir – healthy dining in Ubud

What I loved about the plant based restaurant Elixir war the nice atmosphere. We went for dinner and it was so beautiful with all the little candles. It seems like a really fancy dinner restaurant and the dishes were super yummy. I ordered the Vegan Kichiri which was lentil daal on sourdough bread and my boyfriend had the jackfruit burrito. Both excellent dishes. We got an order of cassava fries as well that were super juicy and yummy!
They have this thing that if you tag them in your Instastory you will get minus 15% off. How cool is that?!

The Seeds of Life best vegan food ubud

Lazy Cats – go for the location

I was struggling to decide if I should include this place or not. If I would only consider the taste and price-performance ratio of the food it would definitely not make the list, but regarding atmosphere and experience it was definitely the best.
So just know that I was very disappointed by the food. This was actually a vegetarian restaurant, but they had many vegan and also raw options on the menu. They have everything from breakfast, lunch to dinner, coffee and also cocktails! Unfortunately, the portions were very small and tasteless. We went as a group of four and all of us were not happy with what we got so I believe we got a good overview over the menu. However, that being said the location of Lazy Cats is just so cool and even going for a coffee is totally worth it!
They have this awesome hipster/vintage vibe going on and the place simply looks so cool. 

Lazy Cats Cafe Ubud

Sayuri Healing food – my favorite place for healthy food in Ubud

This has to be my favorite place out of all! Not only is the food amazing, but the space is also very nice furnished. It is quite big and seemed to be super popular as almost every table was taken. Everything is vegan with many raw vegan options as well!

There are a lot of amazing dishes on the menu and every day of the week has a special meal as well. We go the nourish bowl and the Reuben sandwich. Both very colorful and delicious. The highlight at Sayuri healing food, however, were the desserts. Never ever have I tasted such amazing vegan cheesecakes. We had the triple berry cheesecake and key lime pie. Here are some pictures:

Vegan Cheesecake best healthy food Ubud

Best healthy food in Ubud vegan cheesecake

Dessert was so good that we also got two cookies to go and enjoyed them the next morning.

The only thing I cannot recommend is their lattes and drinks. We literally couldn’t drink the iced cafe latte because it was so bitter and I had to use about 3 tbsp of coconut sugar to down the matcha latte that I had ordered. I think it was because of their homemade cashew milk that just had a very sour taste. Better stay with water or juice 😉

They have a little shop included selling amazing whole food products like superfoods, cacao butter, home made cookies and coconut oil. It is also possible to get their amazing desserts as take-away! 

On top of that they offer raw vegan chef training courses, classes on how to make your own vegan cheese and have detox workshops. If you are looking for healthy food in Ubud this certainly is the perfect place to visit! 

More recommendations:

Since I just spent a couple of days in Ubud and couldn’t go to all places I am listing here a few more recommendations that I have gotten myself from vegan friends who lived in Ubud for a very long time:

Sage, Bella by Sage, Zest, Alchemy, Moksa, Clear Cafe, Kafe, Watercress, Kismet

These places are not solely vegan restaurants, but offer a great variety of plant-based and also raw meals.

If you are eating plant-based or are just curious to try raw vegan cuisine I hope you will follow this food guide and check out some of the cafes and restaurants in Ubud that I have mentioned in this blog post. I am certain you will be surprised of how amazing this kind of food can taste!

Looking for more restaurant guides? In case you are ever in Tulum, Rome or Taipei make sure to check them out! 


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Best food in Canggu, Bali in 2019 – healthy, vegan cafes

best bowls in Canggu

If you are wondering where to find the best food in Canggu, Bali, then you came to the right blog post! As a professional food blogger I basically eat for a living and sampled my way through the entire restaurant and cafe sphere in Canggu. There are so many incredible places in this tiny village and its the absolute honestly my personal food heaven here. I will share my favorite food spots with you now. 

One Instagram spot after another in Canggu

Let’s start by saying how absolutely incredible and amazing food is here in Canggu and Bali in general. You find so many tropical fruit, colorful veggies and fresh seafood. Recently some really trendy hipster cafes have opened all across the island and somehow most have settled down in the Canggu area.

Please be aware that these places are not reflecting typical balinese food and are way more expensive than the less fancy restaurants locals would go to. In while I have been in Bali I have barely seen an Indonesian in those places. It is mostly tourists who obviously pay more for food than locals ever would.  However, they are gorgeous and beautifully designed. Walking in there alone feels like going on vacation. The places I am going to share with you are honestly some of the coolest restaurants I have ever been to in my life! There is simply such a unique vibe and feeling to them. 

I will always link the instagram account of those places. Make sure to check them out as you can really see they trimmed the places for bloggers and foodies to take their Instagram pictures. Literally all of these places have tens of thousands of followers. Crazy! 

Healthy Cafes and Restaurant Guide Canggu

I will share my tips for the best food in Canggu now with you. I have selected restaurants that are hip, trendy with a cool atmosphere and beautiful interior design. All spots offer healthy food, many vegetarian and vegan options and a lot of fitness dishes. Rarely ever have I eaten so healthy for such a long time and this is only thanks to these wonderful restaurants I can go to and enjoy an incredible healthy meal that also tastes absolutely amazing at the same time. 

So lets get into my best food in Canggu restaurant tips: 

1. Cafe Organic

Another lovely hidden spot for the best healthy food in Canggu is Cafe Organic. Make sure to check out their Instagram, as simply looking at their feed will make your mouth water. It is a healthy conscious cafe with a passion for sustainability and waste reduction. They don’t use any plastic, which I find fantastic and cook with a lot of fresh ingredients. It basically feels like you are eating a rainbow there! 

Cafe Organic best healthy food in Canggu

They have a big breakfast and lunch menu! They have organic coffee and fresh smoothies and juices as well. There is a nice selection of different smoothie bowls that are prepared beautifully and all the food simply looks so instagrammable. I met the founder of Cafe Organic personally when we recorded a video for the Cafe Organic Instagram channel. She was the first one opening a plant-based cafe in Canggu and has done quite some pioneer work in this area! 

Insta photo spot tip

On the terrace you find a little whit hammock in the corner that just cries for you to take a fun shot in it. Thats the one I took there:

Cafe Organic best healthy food in Canggu

2. Crate Cafe 

This healthy food spot in Canggu might as well be my favorite one out of all of them. I love coming to Crate Cafe because it feels like stepping into a food bloggers kitchen. If I wouldn´t know better I would have sworn they hired food bloggers as kitchen staff to prepare the dishes. Everything you order is mind-blowingly awesome decorated. I personally could not do it better than the kitchen fairies at Crate Cafe. The best seller there is the Wuddup avocado, hummus bread. It is such an eye-catcher. This cafe is a must if you are looking for the best food in Canggu. 

We went back to Crate Cafe while being on a 30day vegan challenge and what I also loved about this place is the great amount of plant-based option on the menu! I had the scrambeled tofu on toast and my boyfriend tried the vegan burger. We also shared the coconut pancakes. Probably one of the best pancakes I have ever eaten. The food at Crate Cafe does not only look amazing it also tastes delicious! 

Crate Cafe Canggu

3. Nalu Bowls

I love to include Nalu Bowls in my list of healthy food places in Bali because it is such a cute little spot. They only serve smoothie bowl and compared to the other restaurants don´t have a huge menu selection. Sometimes in other cafes its really hard to decide because they offer so many different dishes. At Nalus its just five different smoothies bowls. During my stay in Canggu I have tried them all and my favorite one is the peanut butter one! We have been going to Nalus quite frequently, also just for coffee, because it is literally right next to our co-working space. I love the minimalistic design of the shop and the beach vibes you get visiting this little food spot!

Nalu Bowls canggu

4. The Loft 

The Loft is a beautiful restaurant offering breakfast, lunch and dinner on the main street of Canggu. Everything on the menu sounds super yummy. I had the Vida Halloumi Bowl there and my friends tried the Loft Burger, the Poke Bowl and a wrap. Everything was really good. Portions are quite small though, so keep that in mind.
If you go to the Loft I would in hindsight rather order a drink and a dessert. They really go above and beyond regarding decoration and all the coffee drinks simply look so magical and amazing. They make the most boring latte look incredible. What I also really love about this place is that they are very focused on sustainability and don’t use any plastic. 

The desserts are all homemade, mostly vegan and I have never seen such an elaborate decoration on the plate for ever dessert the brought to our table. It was really pure art on a plate. 

The Loft Canggu Desserts

If you are looking for good smoothie bowls I also highly recommend them. Here is one of the smoothie bowls we had at the Loft: The loft . canggu smoothie bowl

5. Motion Cafe 

A restaurant that only serves pure fitness food is my personal definition of the perfect food place for me! Motion Cafe developed a concept of clean eating and all the dishes you can order are 100% fitness approved by me! I can recommend the mega chicken salad as one of my favorites on the menu. You can also design your own protein shake and choose from different diet styles (Paleo, vegan, ketogenic, high protein). During our stay in Canggu we also tried the meal plans from Motion. In the morning you get all your meals delivered to your home and have everything ready for your day in perfectly labeled containers. I tried the paleo meal plan and my boyfriend the gainer meal plan. This made clean eating so easy and gave us so much more time as we didn´t have to cook for the whole day. Don´t leave Canggu without visiting Motion Cafe! 

Motion fitness food bali_

6.  Secret Spot 

The secret spot is indeed hidden very well, as I only discovered it after a couple weeks in Canggu. A bit off the busy main street it is a cute little surf cafe with a lovely atmosphere and delicious dishes. They only have vegan and vegetarian dishes which are so tasty you would not even miss the meat one single bit. I ordered the „Chicken“ Bowl, which was crispy tofu on a Mexican salad and my friend got the tofu poke bowl. For dessert we shared a raw, vegan, gluten and sugar-free snickers bar. Let me tell you this was one of the most amazing things I have ever eaten. The food at the secret Spot Canggu was outstanding and I really recommend you check it out while you are in town.

The secret spot Tofu Poke Bowl

I was actually talking to the owner of the Secret Spot for a little bit and he told me that they are following a zero waste concept and are really mindful of where they source their ingredients. They only use the best and purest food for their dishes.

7. Milu by Nook

Milu by Nook is actually not directly in the center of Canggu, but a little further outside in Berawa. It is by far the most beautiful restaurant regarding interior, style and design. Nude has a beautiful garden with tables overlooking the rice fields. You will get such a comfortable, chill feeling there. No matter how stressful your day was, walking in there will feel like taking a vacation from everything. They have a really big menu and many different choices, also offering a lot of vegan and vegetarian meals. The first time I went I was not so lucky with my meal selection as I didn’t like my pumpkin hummus on sourdough so much. The second time I chose something else and liked it much better. I can also really recommend their dessert. We have tried all their cakes and the coconut cheesecake is my absolute favorite! 

This place can get really busy around dinner time and it is a good idea to reserve a table if you want to sit by the rice paddies. I recommend you book the table for 5.3opm to be able to see the place still at daylight, spend the sunset hour there and then also see it at nighttime with the many lights. 

8. Nude 

I went to Nude for lunch and it was absolutely fantastic. We tried the vegan protein shakes, the nourish bowl and the vegan burger. Super colorful and yummy food. You can definitely take insta worthy shots there! The restaurant has very nice interior design and looks like a real blogger place!
What I loved about Nude is that they have an are with aircondition as well. This makes it much nicer to enjoy the meal when its super hot outside. It also seems like a good place to do some work from. I saw many people with laptops and the internet was very fast. 

Nude best healthy food in Canggu-4

9. Debbie Does Salad 

My favorite salad bar in Canggu! This was the first restaurant I have visited in Canggu and have gone back many times as it was very close to my co-working space. They have delicious salads. You can even build your own salad bowl. Great vegan and vegetarian options as well. Almost all the desserts are vegan and they even have plant-based ice cream. Everything we ordered was very tasty. I can recommend the Ayam what Ayam bowl.

best bowls in Canggu

Instagram photo tip:

They have a really awesome Insta worthy photo spot there. You will find a nice neon light reading „think dirty, eat clean“. It is just such a good Instagram photo opportunity! 

best bowls in Canggu

More food

These were my top choices for healthy food in Canggu. However, there are so many other incredible places that didn’t make the final top list because they don’t serve the typical hipster, healthy and vegan food category that this blog post is about. 
That is why I wanted to dedicate a special section for those places as well:

Best Indonesian and local food in Canggu 

This where you need to go for the best Indonesian local food in Canggu:

  • Just Warung: secret tip from my Indonesian professor. Very local, beautiful place and very cheap. Try the chicken curry, its so good. 
  • Dandelion: Such a great experience. The staff is so friendly and the restaurant is beautiful. Authentic and cheap. They have rabbits running around free! 
  • Warung Local: Indonesian Fast Food: So cheap, cute and authentic. Always a lot of people because everyone loves it there! 

Make sure to visit at least some of them while you are staying in Canggu! 


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Alm Grill Restaurant – Hotel Erb München

Lava Cake Alm Grill

Werbung – in Kooperation mit Hotel Erb

Genuss auf höchster Stufe im Alm Grill. Ein Hotel, welches mit einem herausragenden Restaurant seine Gäste verwöhnt.

Bei meinem letzten Besuch im Mai konnte ich euch in diesem Blogpost schon einen guten Überblick über das Hotel Erb in München geben und habe euch Einblicke ins Frühstücksbuffet, Almdorf Spa, den Fitnessraum und das Hotel allgemein gegeben. Heute möchte ich mich im Detail auf das hoteleigene Restaurant fokussieren. Den Alm Grill!

Gourmetküche im Hotel Erb

Die Kulinarik im Hotel Erb ist eine Welt für sich. Das Hotelrestaurant Alm Grill besticht durch seine hochklassigen Gerichte und saisonalen Köstlichkeiten. Das besondere im Restaurant ist der spanische Holzkohlengrill in welchem zahlreiche Speisen zubereitet werden. Dieser gibt dem Fleisch und Fisch einfach ein einzigartiges Aroma.

Alm Grill Restaurant

Präsentation der Speisen

Sehr beeindruckend ist die Präsentation der Gerichte am Teller. Selten habe ich so liebevoll angerichtete Speisen gesehen. Das kunstvoll gefertigte Töpfergeschirr beeindruckt mich auch bei jedem Besuch. Das letzte Mal habe ich der Küche dann prompt drei Teller abgekauft weil ich sie einfach so wunderschön fand.

Mir ist diesmal auch aufgefallen wie die gleichen Speisen jedes Mal anderes angerichtet werden. Hier ein Beispiel von der Vorspeise. Dem ausgebeizten Lachs mit Avocado einmal im Mai und einmal jetzt im September. Das Gleiche ist mir auch beim Schokoküchlein aufgefallen. Es sieht einfach immer anders aus und wird auf anderen Tellern serviert. So kreativ und abwechslungsreich. 

Service im Restaurant

Die Bedienung im Restaurant ist wirklich sehr aufmerksam und stand immer beratend zur Seite. Unsere Gastgeberin Sabrina hat uns die Wünsche von den Augen abgelesen und uns perfekt bewirtet. Die Atmosphäre ist also wirklich perfekt für ein nettes Abendessen und auch die Einrichtung ist modern und stylish. Das Frühstücksbuffet findet übrigens auch im Alm Grill Restaurant statt, welches sich ebenfalls auf allerhöchstem Niveau befindet. 

Alm Grill Restaurant Hotel Erb München

Was mir besonders gut im Hotel Erb Best Western Plus gefallen hat ist, dass man à la carte bestellen konnte am Abend und es nicht, wie so oft in anderen Hotels, ein fertiges Menü gab. So kann man sich wirklich direkt aus der Karte seine Lieblingsgerichte aussuchen und sich ein eigenes Menü aus Vorspeise, Hauptspeise und Nachspeise zusammenstellen. Das Preis-Leistungsverhältnis ist einsame Spitzenklasse. Man bekommt für faire Preise die besten Gaumengenüsse geboten. 

Es gibt auch immer saisonale Besonderheiten. Das letzte Mal Anfang Mai fand man spannende Spargelgerichte in der Spezialkarte und dieses Mal gab es einen Kürbisfokus sowie an der Rosis Bar extra kreierte Biercocktails fürs Oktoberfest. 

Alm Grill Restaurant Hotel Erb München

Highlights der Speisekarte im Alm Grill Restaurant

Da es wirklich so unglaublich viel hochklassige Auswahl im Restaurant Alm Grill gibt haben wir uns teilweise echt schwer getan uns zu entscheiden. Es ist alles hervorragend gewesen. Der Chefkoch muss wohl ein Zauberkünstler in der Küche sein, welcher längst mehrere Hauben für seine Kreationen verliehen bekommen hätte sollen.

Ich konnte mich bei meinen letzten beiden Besuchen ja glücklicherweise schon etwas durch die Speisekarte kosten und liste euch hier mal meine persönlichen Highlights auf:

  • Rote Rüben Carpaccio
  • New York Stripped Loin Steak
  • Garnelensalat
  • Lava Cake

Mein persönliches Highlight war bestimmt neben den köstlichen Steaks auch die Nachspeise. Es gibt eine große Auswahl, aber mit Abstand am meisten hat das Schokoküchlein für mich herausgestochen. Noch nie hatte ich so einen guten Lava Cake mit flüßigem Kern gegessen. Ich habe mittlerweile 6 Nächte im Hotel Erb verbracht und jeden einzelnen Abend einen dieser Schokoladen Cakes gegessen. Mein absoluter Geheimtipp!

Lava Cake im Alm Grill

Zu Beginn bekommt übrigens jeder Gast selbst gemachtes Brot mit Native Virgin Oliven Öl serviert und ich muss ehrlich sagen hätte ich an diesem Abend nur alleine das Brot zu essen bekommen wäre ich schon zufrieden gewesen weil es so köstlich war. Das Brot ist immer knusprig, warm, frisch und ein geschmackliches Meisterwerk für sich!

Gefüllte Süßkartoffel

Man muss jetzt auch nicht unbedingt Hotelgast sein, um im Alm Grill Restaurant essen gehen zu können. Es kann auch ganz einfach ein Tisch reserviert werden und so ist es auch mal perfekt für einen romantischen Abend mit dem Freund, eine Geburtstagsfeier oder zu einem anderen besonderen Anlass. Ich habe das Gefühl, dass das Restaurant im Umkreis schon sehr bekannt ist, da es eigentlich an jedem Abend sehr gut besucht war.

Alm Grill Hotel Erb New York Steak
New York Steak mit Grillgemüse

Rosis Bar

Zum gemütlichen Verweilen lädt auch die hauseigene Rosis Bar ein. Mit einem tollen Angebot an verschiedenen Drinks, gemütlichen Sitzgelegenheiten und angenehmer Musik kann man dort den Abend richtig gut ausklingen lassen. An der Bar gibt es immer eine große Auswahl an Barsnacks. Da wir zu Oktoberfestzeiten im Hotel waren gab es sogar eigene bayrische Spezial-Cocktails im 0.5 Liter Bierglas! Ich habe gleich den Bayern Cocktail bestellt mit Ingwer, Vodka, Zitronensaft, Limettensaft, Zuckersirup, Blue Curacao und Weissbier. Eine geniale Kombination, nicht wahr? 

Müllvermeidung ist im Hotel Erb ein großes Thema. Schon beim Frühstücksbuffet wird auf alle Einzelverpackungen verzichtet. In der Rosis Bar werden deshalb keine Plastikstrohhalme verwendet, sondern nur welche aus Glas.

Hotel Erb Rosis Bar

Abschließend muss ich wirklich sagen, dass ich selten so ein tolles Hotelrestaurant erlebt habe. Wirklich jedes einzelne Gericht ist ein Gaumenschmaus und hat mich begeistert. In meiner Zeit als Food Blogger war ich schon in ganz vielen Hotels und Restaurants und ich kann mit gutem Gewissen sagen, dass der Alm Grill in meiner Top 3 Liste dabei ist! 

Ich glaube ihr konntet aus diesem Blogpost meine Begeisterung für das Hotelrestaurant herauslesen und es ist wirklich eine ganz große Empfehlung von mir an euch, solltet ihr mal im Umkreis München euch aufhalten. Ich freue mich schon auf meinen nächsten Besuch im Dezember im Hotel Erb und viele weitere Lava Cakes beim Abendessen. Im Dezember werde ich wieder kommen und dann mal so richtig den Almdorf Spa Bereich zur Weihnachtszeit genießen, denn der ist auch einfach wunderschön und ganz neu renoviert!



Mehrtägige Hüttenwanderung in Südtirol I Villnößtal

mehrtägige Hüttenwanderung in Südtirol Villnößtal, Geislerspitzen

60 gewanderte Kilometer, hunderte Höhenmeter und 80.000 Schritte führten uns durch das Villnößtal. Ein Bergpanorama kaum mit etwas anderem zu vergleichen, weidende Bergkühe, traditionelle Almen und atembeeindruckende Sonnenuntergänge in welchen sich die Bergspitzen in tiefstes orange färbten begleiteten uns über die letzten Tage bei unserer mehrtägigen Hüttenwanderung in Südtirol.

Die Südtiroler Dolomiten sind ein Juwel im Schatzkästchen der Welt und das Wandern von Hütte zu Hütte ist die perfekte Möglichkeit sich in Einklang mit der Natur zu bringen. 

Eine Mehrtageswanderung in Südtirol ist ein richtiger Abenteuerurlaub. Das Bergsteigen fordert einen körperlich und lädt zum absoluten Abschalten inmitten der unberührten Bergwelt im stillen Dolomitental ein.

mehrtägige Hüttenwanderung in Südtirol Villnößtal, Sonnenuntergang Geislerspitzen
Sonnenuntergang von der Schlüterhütte

Mehrtägige Hüttenwanderung – unsere 4-tägige Wanderroute 

Tag 1: Aufstieg zur Schlüterhütte 

Unsere mehrtägige Hüttenwanderung haben wir in St.Magdalena im Villnößtal gestartet. Hier haben wir auf einem großen Parkplatz das Auto abgestellt und sind mit dem Bus (geht stündlich) nach Zans gefahren, wo sich der Einstieg in die Wanderroute befand. Der Aufstieg am ersten Tag hat etwa 3 Stunden gedauert. Wir sind hier der Wanderroute 6 gefolgt bis zur Gampenalm (hier gab es fantastische Rollgerstensuppe) und haben dann die Route 35 bis zur Schlüterhütte genommen. Es ging dabei stetig bergauf und man legt eine beachtliche Anzahl an Höhenmeter zurück. Man steigt von 1680 bis zu 2300 Höhenmeter hinauf.

mehrtägige Hüttenwanderung Schlüterhütte
Die Schlüterhütte

Geschlafen haben wir in der Schlüterhütte. Eine wirklich gemütliche Schutzhütte mit fantastischem Bergpanorama. Hier zahlt man für ein Zimmer mit Frühstück 36 Euro. Das Matratzenlager wäre auf 20 Euro gekommen. Die Hütte war wirklich total voll und es war gut, dass wir die Zimmer schon im Jänner reserviert hatten. Zum Duschen gibt es Chips, die euch 2.5 Minuten Warmwasser ermöglichen 😀

Tag 2: Das Kreuzjoch und der Munkelweg

Der Morgen startete mit einem Frühstück in der Schlüterhütte. Von der Schlütterhütte gibt es zwei Möglichkeiten die nächste Übernachtungshütte zu erreichen. Die leichtere Variante wäre zurück über die Gampenalm gewesen. Wir haben uns aber für den längeren Dolomiten Höhenweg über die Medalges Alpe zum Kreuzjoch und steil hinunter zur Tschantscheno Hütte entschieden, da hier das Bergpanorama einfach spektakulär ist. Wir haben ganz oben sogar ein wild wachsendes Edelweiß in der Wiese entdeckt.

mehrtägige Hüttenwanderung in Südtirol
Wildes Edelweiß

Der direkte Weg wären 3 Stunden gewesen. Mit dem Umweg übers Kreuzjoch haben wir allerdings an diesem Tag 6 Stunden gebraucht. Wir haben an dem Tag zwei Pausen eingelegt. Einmal in der Glatschalm und ein zweites Mal in der Gschnagendhadt Alm.

mehrtägige Hüttenwanderung in Südtirol Kreuzjoch
Wanderung über die Medalges Alpe

Ab der Tschantscheno Hütte führt die Dolomitenwanderung von Hütte zu Hütte den wunderschönen Munkelweg entlang. Der  Wanderweg führt immer am Fuße des Schotterkegels der Geislerspitzen entlang und man hat den ganzen Tag einen tollen Einblick in die vielen Felsspitzen der Geislergruppe.

mehrtägige Hüttenwanderung in Südtirol
Am Kreuzjoch

Brogles Alm

Geschlafen haben wir am zweiten Tag unserer Hüttenwanderung in der Brogles Alm. Diese Hütte wird nur im Sommer bewirtschaftet, stellt ihre eigene Butter, Milch und Speisen her. Sie ist eher einfacher gehalten und sehr bodenständig. Das widerspiegelt sich auch in den nostalgisch, alten Schlafzimmern, welche mit knarrenden Holzbetten eingerichtet sind. Auch hier kann man für 1 Euro 150 Sekunden heiß duschen. Der Dusch- und Toiletbereich war aber neu renoviert. Es gibt ein großes Matratzenlager am Heuboden über den Kühen. Richtig cool für Kinder, aber wir haben uns dann doch für die Schlafzimmer entschieden. Eine Nacht mit Frühstück kam auf 40 Euro. Man bekommt ein einfaches aber leckeres Frühstück bestehend aus Wurst, Käse, Butter, Marmelade und Brot.

mehrtägige Hüttenwanderung in Südtirol Brogles Alm

Tag 3: Pana Scharte

Tag drei unserer Hüttenwanderung in Südtirol war definitiv am spektakulärsten. Wir hatten in der Früh mit der Hüttenwirtin gesprochen, welche uns die Pana Scharte empfohlen hatte. In der Wanderkarte ist diese Route eigentlich nur für erfahrene und fortgeschrittene Wanderer eingezeichnet. Wir bekamen aber die Information, dass die Scharte gerade neu befestigt worden war und der schwierigste Schotterweg mit vielen Rollsteinen nun viel einfacher zu überqueren sei. Gute Wanderschuhe mit einem festen Profil sind für diese Wanderung definitiv von Vorteil. Ich selbst bin es aber auch mit Turnschuhen gegangen. Man muss damit allerdings bei einigen Stellen verdammt aufpassen, damit man nicht ausrutscht. Schwindelfreiheit und keine Höhenangst wären auch von Vorteil.

Der Aufstieg zur Pana Scharte

Die Strecke führt direkt weg von der Brogles Hütte hinunter zum Schuttkegel der Geislerspitzen. Dann schlängelt sich der Weg in steilen Serpentinen hinauf ins Geröllfeld. Nach 60 Minuten anstrengendem Bergaufgehen erreicht man den Einstieg in die Scharte. Hier wird der Wanderweg zum Klettersteig. Auf allen vieren steigt man die Felswände hoch, welche mit Eisenleitern und Eisenseilen befestigt sind. Nach ein paar schwierigen Metern waren wir allerdings über den gerade erst neu errichteten Holzstiegenweg positiv überrascht. Dieser machte den Aufstieg viel einfacher und auch wesentlich ungefährlicher. Nach weiteren 30 Minuten waren wir auf der anderen Seite der Geislerspitzen, mit einem unglaublichen Blick über die Seceda.

mehrtägige Hüttenwanderung in Südtirol Pana Scharte
Ganz oben auf der Pana Scharte

Hier sind wir in die Trojan Alm eingekehrt und haben uns einen Kaiserschmarren sowie Bombardinos (traditioneller heißer Eierlikör mit Schlag) gegönnt bis wir dann den Rückweg zur Brogles Hütte angetreten sind. An diesem Tag betrag unsere Wanderzeit insgesamt 4 Stunden und 15 Kilometer. Die Höhenmeter darf man hier auch nicht außer Acht lassen, da man die kompletten Geislerspitzen überwindet. Die Pana Scharte liegt auf 2456 Höhenmetern und war somit unser höchste Punkt der Wanderreise.

mehrtägige Hüttenwanderung in Südtirol Seceda
Bombardinos – heißer Eierlikör

Tag 4: Abstieg

Nach einem Bauernfrühstück in der Almstube sind wir 1.5 Stunden zurück zur Geisler Alm gewandert. Was für eine tolle Hütte! Leider kann man auf der Geisler Alm nicht schlafen, da wir sonst sicherlich hier übernachtet hätten. Diese Alm eignet sich perfekt für Kinder, da es hier einen Streichelzoo mit vielen Tieren zum Angreifen gibt. Das Wandern von Hütte zu Hütte mit Kindern kann auch ein toller Familienurlaub sein. Wir haben das damals schon vor 19 Jahren mit unseren Eltern gemacht. 

mehrtägige Hüttenwanderung in Südtirol Geislerspitzen
Ausblick auf die Geislerspitzen

Nach einer kurzen Stärkung in der Alm lag unser letzter Weg der Hüttenwanderung zurück ins Tal vor uns. Die letzten 2 Stunden legten wir auf einen gut ausgebauten Forstweg nach St.Magdalena zurück. Dieser war uns dann irgendwann zu langweilig und wir haben einen Gebirgslauf daraus gemacht und sind die letzte Stunde hinunter ins Tal gelaufen.

Die richtige Ausrüstung für eine Mehrtageswanderung 

Für Schönheitsallüren ist auf einem Wanderurlaub definitiv kein Platz. Make-up, Beauty und Haar Produkte sowie verschiedene Schuhe oder Outfits können gleich mal zu Hause bleiben, denn dafür ist der kleine Wanderrucksack bestimmt nicht geeignet. Minimalistisches Packen ist hier angebracht, da man jedes Gramm selbst von Hütte zu Hütte mit sich rumträgt. Wer also am wenigsten packt, schleppt auch am wenigsten!

Was allerdings schon wichtig ist, sind gute Schuhe mit einem richtigen Profil. Ein Fehler welchen ich nicht noch einmal machen werde. Ich war die Einzige ohne Bergschuhe und ich wäre ein paar Mal fast weggerutscht und das bei gefährlich steilen Stellen.

Auch wenn so wenig Kleidung wie möglich empfehlenswert ist, sollte man bei einem guten Outdoor Outfit auf gar keinen Fall sparen. In den Bergen kann das Wetter so oft umschwenken und es empfiehlt sich wirklich gute Wanderkleidung dabei zu haben (Fleece, Abzipphosen, Softshell Jacke, Bergschuhe, Stirnband, Handschuhe). Sobald die Sonne hinter den Wolken verschwindet wird es gleich mal richtig kalt und in der Nacht hatte es um die 0 Grad und das Mitten im August! Auch den Regenschutz auf gar keinen Fall vergessen, da sich das Wetter so hoch oben sehr schnell ändern kann.

Kosten einer Hüttenwanderung

Diesen Urlaub kann man sehr günstig, aber auch etwas teurer gestalten. Je nachdem ob man sich für das Matratzenlager oder die richtigen Zimmer entscheidet und wieviel man auf den einzelnen Hütten konsumiert. Das Essen auf den Hütten ist schon etwas teurer. Im Durchschnitt kostet eine Hauptspeise um die 14-16 Euro. Wer also sparen möchte, sollte sich am besten selbst Snacks mitnehmen. Man sollte im Durchschnitt pro Person um die 250 Euro für diese vier Tage rechnen. Das könnte natürlich auch viel weniger sein wenn man die günstigeren Varianten wählt. 

Unvergessliches Bergpanorama

Das Villnösstal hat im Sommer Hochsaison im Wandertourismus und ist immer gut ausgebucht. Wer im Juli oder August hierher kommen möchte sollte auf jeden Fall Monate im Vorhinein schon einen Schlafplatz auf den Hütten reservieren. Das Essen auf den Hütten ist auch absolute Spitzenklasse. Es gibt richtig traditionelle Speisen und das meiste ist hausgemacht.

mehrtägige Hüttenwanderung in Südtirol Villnößtal

Übrigens ist das Villnößtal die Heimat des berühmtesten Bergsteigers Reinhold Messners! Er hat hier seine Kindheit verbracht und kennt das Tal wie seine Westentasche. Da hier im Winter kein Skigebiet ist findet man auch wirklich eine unberührte Landschaft ohne Skilifte vor.

Mich hat am Ende unseres Wanderurlaubes wirklich fasziniert was für weite Strecken man einfach zu Fuß zurücklegen kann. Wir sind ein enorm großes Gebiet abgewandert. Wirklich beindruckend sich umzusehen und zu wissen wo man überall einfach mit seinen zwei Füßen war.

Ruhe und Erholung finden in einem der schönsten und ruhigsten Dolomitentäler abseits vom gewohnten Touristenrummel ist wirklich etwas ganz besonderes. Ich kann wirklich jedem diese mehrtägige Hüttenwanderung empfehlen, da es einfach eine einzigartige Erfahrung ist! 

mehrtägige Hüttenwanderung in Südtirol Villnößtal

Solltet ihr noch genaue Fragen haben schreibt sie mir gerne in die Kommentare und ich werde sie euch beantworten.

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Mehrtägige Hüttenwanderung in Südtirol


Kurzurlaub im Hotel Erb Best Western Plus

Rezension Hotel Erb Kurzurlaub München-4

Werbung – Kooperation mit Hotel Erb

Anfang Mai war ich drei Tage lang, für meinen Mutter-Tochter Ausflug im Hotel Erb auf Besuch. Heute möchte ich euch einen Einblick in das schöne Vierstern Hotel geben.

Das Hotel Erb ist Teil der Best Western Gruppe, welche in 90 Ländern mit 4000 Hotels vertreten ist. Das Hotel Erb hat die Auszeichnung Best Western Plus, was für eine umfangreiche Ausstattung, aufmerksames Service und geschmackvolle Einrichtung des Hotels steht. 

Eingecheckt haben wir in das Deluxe Doppelzimmer in welchem wir eines der angenehmsten Hotelbetten seit langer Zeit gefunden haben. Die hochwertige Matratze hat wirklich für eine hervorragende Liegequalität gesorgt. Es gab sogar ein Kissenmenü, bei welchem man sich täglich ein neues Kräuterkissen aussuchen konnte. Im Zimmer gab es einen Stressless Relax Sessel und ein Tablett zur Unterhaltung sowie Musik im Zimmer.

Rezension Hotel Erb Kurzurlaub Alm Grill

Das Hotel liegt in Bayern, ist in Autobahnnähe und man ist mit der S-Bahn auch innerhalb von 22 Minuten im Zentrum von München, wo wir einen netten Nachmittag verbracht haben.

Im Hotel befindet sich das hauseigene Almgrill Restaurant, welches die Herzen von Grillfans höher schlagen lässt. Der besondere Josper Holzkohlengrill aus Spanien verleiht Speisen wie Steaks, Grillgemüse oder Fischfilets ein einzigartiges Aroma. Die Abendkarte deckt jede Geschmacksrichtung und Ernährungsrichtung ab. Besonders toll fand ich auch die saisonalen Spargel Angebote. Als Aperitif kann man bei der Rosis Bar vorbei schauen, welche tolle Drinks ohne Plastikstrohhalme anbietet! Ich selbst habe dort einen Aperol Spritz sowie einen Heidelbeerspritzer genossen.

Neben dem Almgrill gibt es auch das Almdorf Spa, welches in das Hotel Erb integriert ist. Hier haben wir viele entspannte Stunden verbracht und die verschiedensten Saunen sowie das Salzpeeling genossen. Im Ruheraum kann man wunderbar entspannen oder es sich auf den neuen Wärmeliegen gemütlich machen.

Für alle Sportsbegeisterte gibt es einen tollen Fitnessraum mit den neuesten Technogym Geräten. Hier findet man wirklich alles was man für ein optimales Workout benötigt und kann im Freihantelbereich sowie mit den funktionellen Maschinen trainieren.

Hotel Erb Best Western Plus

Frühstücksbuffet im Hotel Erb

Jeden Morgen sind wir mit einem reichhaltigen Frühstücksbuffet verwöhnt worden. Hier hat es uns wirklich an nichts gefehlt. Im Hause Erb wird die Kulinarik groß geschrieben und das geht auch schon beim Frühstücksbuffet hervor. Man kann sich exquisite Eiergerichte aus der Küche bestellen oder von den verschiedensten Speisen am Buffet wählen.

Ich fand die Liebe zum Detail auch richtig toll. So fand man gekochte Eier mit einem handbemaltem Gesicht oder Spiegeleier mit einem Lächeln und zwei herzigen Augen aus Pfeffer in den Wärmebehältern am Buffet. Neben Tee, Kaffee und verschiedensten regionalen Säften wurde auch frisches Zitronenwasser und Ingwerlimonade angeboten.

Das Frühstücksbuffet war jeden Tag bis 10:30 aufgebaut, was natürlich ein angenehmes Ausschlafen möglich machte. An ausgewählten Tagen findet im Hotel Erb auch immer ein Sonntagsbrunch statt, welcher bestimmt ganz besonderes Genusserlebnis sein muss.

Frühstück Hotel Erb Best Western Plus

Müsli Bar

Herausheben möchte ich auch die Müslibar beim Frühstück. Das Hotel macht nämlich sogar ihr Granola selbst. Verfeinert mit getrockneten Erdbeeren war es immer mein Topping für das Joghurt. An der Müslibar findet man auch eine große Auswahl an verschiedenen Trockenfrüchten und Samen die man sich unter das Müsli mischen kann. Frische Früchte am Buffet ließen mein Herz auch höher schlagen. Besonders gefreut habe ich mich immer über die leckeren Erdbeeren die auch in mein gesundes Müsli kamen.

Frühstück Hotel Erb Best Western Plus

Zucker- und glutenfreie Angebote

Die Speisen waren perfekt beschildert und es wurde sogar immer dazugeschrieben was Zucker beinhaltet und wo kein Zucker drinnen war. Da ich persönlich gerne auf Zucker verzichte hat es mich auch sehr gefreut am Frühstücksbuffet ganz viele Alternativen wie Reissirup, Kokosblütensirup und Ahornsirup zu finden. Für Menschen mit Glutenunverträglichkeit war auch gesorgt und es gab eine Selektion an glutenfreien Brot.

Rezension Hotel Erb Kurzurlaub Buffet-2


Ganz besonders hervorheben möchte den Aspekt Nachhaltigkeit im Hotel Erb. Ich war selten in einem Hotel, in welchem so sehr auf Plastikreduzierung geachtet wurde. Es war so schön zu sehen, dass am ganzen Frühstücksbuffet keine Einwegverpackungen zu finden waren. Ich kenne das ganz oft aus anderen Hotels wo man immer die Marmelade, den Frischkäse, die Nutella sowie den Honig und oft auch die Butter einzeln in kleinen Plastikverpackungen findet. Denkt euch mal was da jeden Tag für ein Müll zusammen kommt bei einem vollem Hotel!

Rezension Hotel Erb Kurzurlaub Buffet-2

Statt Plastik gab es im Hotel Erb Best Western Plus kleine Glasschüsseln und man konnte sich einfach aus schönen Keramiktöpfen die Marmelade nehmen. Sogar der Zucker war nicht in den kleinen Einzelverpackungen für den Kaffee sondern offen zum Nehmen. Nach dem Frühstück haben meine Mutter und ich auf unsere leeren Teller geschaut und festgestellt, dass wir außer den Erdbeerstängeln keinen Müll am Tisch hatten. Es ist während des ganzen Frühstücks kein Plastikmüll angefallen. Einfach toll! Darüber hinaus, waren sogar die Kaffeekapseln im Hotelzimmer nicht aus Alu, sondern aus organisch verwertbaren Material und bio!

Hier möchte ich dem Hotel wirklich ein großes Kompliment für die Sorge um die Umwelt und Schritte zur Nachhaltigkeit aussprechen.

Frühstück Hotel Erb Best Western Plus


Das Hotel Erb hebt sich mit herausragender Küche und gepflegtem Spabereich definitiv von anderen Hotels ab. Meine Highlights waren auf jeden Fall das kulinarische Angebot sowie das super schöne Almdorf Spa. Das Hotel hat mich auch mit ihrer Nachhaltigkeit und dem engagierten Personal begeistert. Ich habe wirklich drei wundervolle Tage im Hotel Erb verbracht und freue mich schon jetzt auf den nächsten Besuch!



Vegan food in Rome and top healthy places

healthy food and vegan food in Rome Temakinho salmon poke bowl

For vegans it is often difficult to find suitable food places when traveling. That is why I want to share the best vegan food in Rome together with some healthy food spots in Italy’s capital. 

Vegan Burgers in Rome – Flower Burger 

A huge recommendation is the restaurant flower burger in Rome! I loved this place. When we entered we were already greeted personally by the restaurant owner Fabrizio who gave us a warm welcome. As it was lunch time the place was packed and seemed to be super popular in the area. Flower Burger has so many colorful burger options with different plant-based patties. We ordered four different colors and found the most beautiful rainbow of burgers on our table. As a side dish they offer edamame!! 

Flower burger vegan food Rome

Fabrizio come over to our table every once in a while telling us his personal stories about becoming a vegan and where the history of Flower Burger in Rome. A visit at Flower Burger makes eating vegan so much fun! I came with my boyfriend and my sister who are not the biggest fans of plant based food, but they loved the colorful, tasty burgers as well. Flower burger is definitely a good choice if you are looking for vegan food in Rome. 

two blonde girls eating vegan burgers at flower burger in rome

Barnum Cafe 

The next healthy food place in Rome I can recommend is Barnum Cafe. Its is a cozy tiny Italian coffee house. We went there for some coffee and I ordered their Matcha cappuccino, which was more like a regular matcha latte in a cappuccino cup. I also had a look at the breakfast menu and saw that they have a lot of healthy and vegan options. If we would have gone for breakfast I would have ordered the avocado toast which sounded very yummy. The place has good and fast internet and we were working from there for like an hour or two. Just be aware that it is a bit dark and loud inside. Here a shot of boyfriend sipping on a matcha latte at Barnum Cafe: 

Matcha Latte at Barnum Cafe Rome

Japanese Brazilian Fusion: Temakinho

For dinner we went to the Japanese Brazilian fusion restaurant Temakinho. It was recommended to me by one of my food blogger friends. The restaurant has such an awesome style and flair. I love the interior design and cool atmosphere. Since it is sushi be prepared to pay a little more than you would for Italian pasta or pizza! Also the portions are a bit smaller than you would probably like them to be. I ordered the salmon poke bowl, which was totally enough for me, but my boyfriend had to order another roll to not be hungry anymore.

healthy food and vegan food in Rome Temakinho salmon poke bowl

A roll is like 10€ and the Poke Bowls are 13€. What I found particularly interesting are their Tartars. We all know beef tartar, but at Temakinho you find all different kind of beautiful layered fish and vegan tartars. Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to try one because we already had ordered a bunch of other dishes.
At Themakinho there are many vegan and vegetarian options you can get there. If you have a little more budget to spend and want a really unique dinner location I would totally recommend this place for healthy and vegan food in Rome. 

healthy food and vegan food in Rome Temakinho rolls

Avocado Bar

Walking through the hipster area of Monti I found this awesome place by accident. I love the avocado concept. Every dish contains some kind of avocado variation! You will find everything from avocado toast to burger, pasta and bowls there. The restaurant is more of a „let’s grab a quick bite“ place than an actual restaurant. The location is very central, close to the Coliseum actually. Here is their Instagram.

They perfected the art of decorating their dishes with avocado roses and have super healthy and vegan meal choices. A great place for vegan food in Rome and an absolute must for all those avocado lovers out there!

Avocado Bar Rome

Grezzo Raw Chocolate – vegan food in Rome 

Grezzo is a raw vegan patisserie located in the trendy neighborhood of Monti. All products are raw, organic, vegan and free of gluten, soy and animal products including dairy. Basically they put only the best of the best into their sweet treats. I had one of their little cakes which hands down was one of the best cakes I have ever tasted in my whole life. I honestly think you could really taste the difference in quality. Everything we tried was so pure, rich and satisfying. My boyfriend asked me I think four times if what he was eating was really vegan because he couldn’t believe it. 

healthy food and vegan food in Rome Grezzo

I also really loved the raw aspect of the chocolate. At Grezzo they keep processing temperatures under 42 degrees in order to maintain the nutritional values unaltered and the authentic flavor of the ingredients. We also got the chance to try their vegan ice cream, which is made with fresh nut milk to give it this creamy consistency. All treats are sweetened with natural coconut sugar which has a low-glycemic index that won’t spike your blood sugar levels that much. 

healthy food and vegan food in Rome Grezzo ice cream

All in all my visit to Grezzo was a whole new culinary experience and I highly recommend you check it out while visiting Rome! Since it is also located in one of the hippest streets of Monti the stroll to the chocolate bar is also super nice. 

Anti- tips aka. don’t go here

On a side not I also wanted to mention two spots I would NOT recommend after having visited them: 

Escosazio : This place is advertised as a juice and organic food restaurant. The second I walked into it I had troubles breathing. I honestly have never visited a more stuffy place. The air was so bad in there and it was unbearably hot. We left after 2 minutes and didn’t even order anything. I’m really not sure how people can enjoy a meal in there. It is so small and tiny and there is no air circulation at all. The menu looked amazing and I liked the design of it, but I can’t imagine how it must be in the summertime when it is even hotter outside. I went there in April and it was already super stuffy inside. 

Ginger: After some internet research many blog posts recommend the restaurant Ginger. I went there and was utterly disappointed. It is super expensive, the portions are the smallest ones I have ever seen and it is so loud because there is constantly a blender running. Not worth a visit in my opinion. 

I hope you really enjoyed this fitness & healthy food guide and I could show you some vegan food in Rome that you might try on your next visit!
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Best Instagram photo spots on the Amalfi coast

best photography spots on the Amalfi coast 

A helpful guide for the best Instagram photo spots on the Amalfi coast.

I recently visited one of Italy’s most beautiful coast line. The so called Amalfi coast. Beautiful little cliff villages and small winding roads along the rough shore with lemon trees and authentic Italian stores along the way. Visiting this beautiful part of Italy is the perfect opportunity to take some new Instagram photos and in this blog post I will be sharing some insider tips for the best photography views you will find on the Amalfi coast.

Best Instagram photo spots on the Amalfi coast

Let me show you the most Insta worthy photo spots on the Amalfi coast: 

Photospots in Positano 

You can’t leave the Amalfi coast without stopping in Positano for the obligatory beach photo with the breathtaking cliff village in the background. I think this is the most instagrammed spot on the entire coast and definitely worth a picture. 

Marina Grande Beach Shot 

Parking in Positano can be quite the hassle. We always parked our car in a paid garage since it is almost impossible to find street parking. You can go down to the lowest parking house and pay 7€ per hour to be as close to the beach as possible. If you park further up you will have to walk for about half an hour down to the beach, which can be a nice walk as well as you will get a good view as you walk down. Once you are at the beach I recommend you walk all the way till the end of the beach to get the best shot with most of the village in the background. 

best photography spots on the Amalfi coast 

Changing Rooms Marina Grande 

You will find the cutest little changing rooms right in front of the Marina Grande. We had to be quick to take these shots there though because its usually just for people who are also paying for the sun chairs on the beach. They look so cute and I love the blue and white contrast with the little sailor signs on the doors. 

best photography spots on the Amalfi coast 

The pier on a windy day

One of the days we visited Positano we some rough weather and sea conditions. There was a red flag on the beach an no one was allowed to go swimming because of the huge waves coming in. This was perfect though to be on the pier and watch the waves crash against the stone walls, splashing up water like a geysir. Here is a really nice Insta photo I took of my boyfriend Alberto:

best photography spots on the Amalfi coast 

Hidden small beach 

One of our more adventurous travel friend found this little hidden beach a couple minutes away from the main Spiagga Grande. Pass the hotel Covo dei Sarenci and walk up the little trail called Via Positanese d“America until you see the little beach. There are tiny steps you can take to get down to the beach. We took some great shots there as well because there were absolutely no people. Here is a photo I took of my boyfriend: 

best photography spots on the Amalfi coast 

Lookout point at Via Cristoforo Colombo 

Another epic view over the old town of Positano will be a little further up the hill. Walk up the via Cristoforo Colombo. You will pass some nice hotels. One of them is le Sirenuse – a 5 star hotel as I believe. You can ask to see the terrace, where you also find a nice view over town. I recommend however walking further up the hill until you get to a nice little lookout point for another perfect Amalfi coast photo! 

best Insta worthy photo spots on the Amalfi coast 

Best photo spots in Sorrento 

There are many great locations to take photos in Sorrento. Since we were already shooting a lot of content the other days in Positano we only took one really awesome shot in Sorrento. This spot is perfect because it is just around the corner of the parking house in downtown Sorentto. Park at the garage on Via Correale and then continue walking down the street until you find yourself in little California. Tall palm trees, a relatively big street for Italian understandings and nice houses. We took a walking shot on the street there and it looked fantastic. 
I can also recommend visiting one of the many lemon gardens in the city for an epic lemon tree photo. 

street photo Instagram shot Sorentto

Atrani photo spot 

Another nice photo location is in Atrani. It has a small little beach were we spent the afternoon sunbathing. Next to the beach is an Italian restaurant with yummy pizza. Get a table close to the beach and you will have a nice view onto the church and center of Atrani. 

two blonde girls eating pizza in Atrani on the amalfi coast

Maiori photo spot

One day we went to the town of Maiori. The beach is much bigger compared to the other ones on the coast. If you stroll down the beach you can find some great Instagram photo spots on the Amalfi coast! I especially liked the awesome castle at the end of the beach which was a real eye-catcher on the photo! 

best photography spots on the Amalfi coast  best photography spots on the Amalfi coast 

Conca dei Marini photo spot 

Last but not least I have another epic Instagram photo spot on the Amalfi coast for you! At one point I am sure you will be driving somewhere between Sorentto and Salerno down the coast and will probably pass the small town of Conca dei Marini. There is an incredible 5 star hotel there called Monastero de Santa Rosa. We went there for drinks and took some stunning photos along the way. 

The gardens

On the little patio where they serve the drinks for the guests there are beautiful lemon trees. There is even this perfect little swing placed between two lush lemon trees. This is absolutely the perfect Instagram photo spot on the Amalfi coast and you should definitely sit down for a photo. 

best photography spots on the Amalfi coast 

The terrace 

Our waiter Stefano was so kind and friendly and asked us if we wanted to see the terrace. Honestly I must say it was the most stunning place I have seen on the entire Amalfi coast trip. Simply stunning and mind blowing. The view you will get up there is out of this world. You are so high up and will be overlooking everything. The hotel has a beautiful infinity pool that looks unreal together with the blue ocean and the rough cliffs in the background. On the other side of the terrace you will see all the way down the other side of the Amalfi coast. 

best photography spots on the Amalfi coast 

I hope this little photo guide for the best Instagram photo spots on the Amalfi coast was helpful for you. I really enjoyed my time there even though it was really crowded and there were so many people everywhere. In general I would recommend going everywhere super early or later, just before sunset. This way you will have less people and better light for photos. 

Have fun exploring the Amalfi coast! If you look for more travel guides you should check out these food guides: 

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Best photo spots Positano and Amalfi Best photography views on the Amalfi coast Best Instagram spots amalfi coast


Hochgenuss am Hochkönig – die kulinarischen Königstouren

hochkönig Genusstour

Gibt es etwas Besseres als Skifahren und außergewöhnlich gutes Essen zu vereinen?
Für mich als begeisterte Sportlerin und Food Bloggerin bestimmt nicht. Heute möchte ich die Gelegenheit nutzen und euch meine Erlebnisse am Hochkönig und von den kulinarischen Königstouren in einem Erfahrungsbericht zusammenfassen. 

Werbung – Kooperation mit Hochkönig Tourismus

Kulinarische Königstouren – das neue Highlight am Hochkönig

Mitte März war ich in der Region Hochkönig eingeladen, um die kulinarischen Königstouren zu testen. Diese gibt es ganz neu seit dieser Skisaison und sind einfach phenomenal. Es ist wirklich etwas ganz Besonderes was die Region Hochkönig hier für die Besucher auf die Beine gestellt hat.

Es ist ein wirklich einzigartiges Konzept, welches ich Mitte März selber testen durfte. Zahlreiche Hütten sorgen nämlich mit ihren regionalen Schmankerln, moderner Küche und begleitenden Getränken für Gaumenerlebnisse! 

kulinarische königstouren

Insgesamt gibt es drei verschiedene kulinarische Touren. Ich kam in den Genuss zwei davon zu besuchen. Ich nahm an der Gipfelgenusstour und an der Kräutergenusstour teil. Im Prinzip ist es eine kleine Genussreise wo man von einer Hütte zur nächsten fährt und immer ein eigens kreiertes Gericht passend zum Thema der Tour genießen kann. 

Die kulinarischen Königstouren befinden sich entlang der bekannten Skirunde, der „Königstour.“ So isst man nicht nur einzigartige Gerichte, sondern sieht auch 6 Gipfel, fährt 35 durchgehende Pistenkilometer und überwindet ganze 7500 Höhenmeter!

Bei so viel Sport braucht man dann wirklich kein schlechtes Gewissen beim Schlemmen haben. Was ich so toll fand war, dass die Hütten gut auf die ganze Tour aufgeteilt waren und man immer ein gutes Stück fahren konnte bis man in die nächste Hütte einkehrte. So kam immer wieder ein kleiner Hunger auf und man war nie zu voll.

kulinarische königstouren

Von Hütte zu Hütte

Hier ein kurzer Einblick in meine zwei kulinarischen Königstouren: 

  • Kräutergenusstour:

    Am Tag nach unserer Anreise haben wir die Kräutergenusstour gemacht. Hier lag der Fokus eindeutig auf gesunde Kräuter und jede Hütte lies sich etwas besonderes dazu einfallen!
    Ich traf mich mit meinem Skilehrer um 09.00 bei der Talstation in Mühlbach und es ging direkt los. Wir kehrten etwa um 10.30 in die erste Hütte ein: die Bürglalm. Wirklich eine super urige Hütte mit einer unglaublich Kräuterbegeisterten Besitzerin. Die Hüttenwirtin erklärte uns lange wie sie selbst aus Kräutern verschiedene Produkte herstellte und fast alles auf der Hütte selbst gekocht ist. Danach ging es weiter in die Wastlalm.

    kulinarische königstouren
    Nach etwa einer Stunde Pistenzeit wärmten wir uns bei einer leckeren Suppe auf und genossen unser Kräutergetränk. Zur Hauptspeise ging es dann in die sehr moderne und minimalistisch gebaute Steinbockalm.

    Ich fand es übrigens toll so viele verschiedene Hütten kennen zu lernen. Jede war in ihrer Art und Weise einzigartig.
    Bei wunderbarer Aussicht vom großen Glasfenster genossen wir – meine persönliche Lieblingsspeise vom Menü – Spinatknödel und ein Gläschen Wein. Danach ging es nochmal ab auf die Piste und zu guter Letzt kehrten wir noch in die Tiergartenalm ein wo wir den Tag langsam ausklangen lassen. Die Tiergartenalm gefiel mir besonders gut aufgrund ihres genialen Mix aus moderner Einrichtung und klassischen Elementen. 

    kulinarische königstouren

    • Hier zusammengefasst nochmal das Menü: 
      • Bürglalm: Feiner Kräuteraufstrich aus hausgemachten Bauernbrot und 1 Tasse Kräutertee
      • Wastlalm: Kräuterkaspressknödelsuppe und ein Kräutergetränk
      • Steinbockalm: Spinatknödel mit Bergkäsefüllung auf zerlassener Butter, Parmesan und Kräuterpesto , dazu ein Glas Wein
      • Tiergartenalm: Variation von österreichischen Käsespezialitäten und ein hausgemachter Kräuterlikörkulinarische königstouren
  • Gipfelgenusstour:

    Bei der Gipfelgenusstour macht man es sich etwas einfacher. Hier kehrt man einfach in eine von drei ausgewählten Lieblingshütten ein und genießt ein 4-Gänge Menü vom Feinsten! Wir hatten für unsere kulinarische Königstour die Deantnerin gewählt. Eine wirklich moderne und wunderschöne Hütte in Dienten. Es war aufwendig gedeckt und das Essen absolut fantastisch. 

    hochkönig Genusstour

    • Hier auch für euch nochmal unser Menü: 
      • Ingwer Risotto mit Spinat, Geräuchertes vom Hirsch, Garnelen Frühlingsrolle und Safran
      • Tafelspitzessenz mit Karottenperlen und Kräuterfritattenlolli
      • Bratwurst und Stampf von der Kartoffel, Kalbsleber mit Apfelragout und Röstzwiebeln
      • Schokoladenschaum mit Rosmarinpopkorn, Meersalz und Karamell-Kirschsorbet hochkönig Genusstour

Wieviel kostet so eine kulinarische Tour?

Die Heimatliebe und Kräutergenusstour kosten jeweils 39€, was seinen Preis auf jeden Fall wert ist. Die Gerichte sind wirklich super lecker und ausgiebig. Man muss auch nicht alle vier Stationen an einem Tag machen. Sobald man die Gutscheine für die kulinarischen Königstouren hat könnte man sie auch auf verschiedene Tage aufteilen und zum Beispiel jeden Tag bei einer anderen Hütte einkehren. Es bleibt also jedem individuell überlassen wieviele Hütten er pro Tag besuchen möchte. Die Gipfelgenuss Tour ist für 79€ inklusive Weinbegleitung erhältlich. 

hochkönig Genusstour

Das Skigebiet Hochkönig

Generell muss ich auch einfach sagen wie begeistert ich vom Skigebiet Hochkönig, abseits der kulinarischen Königstouren, war. Ich fahre seit Jahren immer nach Südtirol und bin ein riesiges Skigebiet gewöhnt. Anfangs war ich etwas skeptisch und glaubte, dass mir beim Skifahren in Österreich sehr schnell langweilig werden könnte. Aber dem war nicht so. Das Skigebiet rund um den Hochkönig ist wirklich so umfassend und ich glaube wir sind an diesen zwei Tagen selten eine Piste zweimal gefahren. Ich hatte jeden Abend einen Beinmuskelkater und war beinahe erschöpft weil wir richtig viel zum Fahren gekommen sind. Es war also auch sportlich ein richtig gutes Workout! 

hochkönig Genusstour

Ich war auch total begeistert von unserem Hotel in welchem wir untergebracht waren. Wir durften 3 Tage lang das Hotel Bergheimat genießen. Den Spa-Bereich fand ich dort besonders fantastisch und würde es euch auf jeden Fall für euren Urlaub in der Region Hochkönig empfehlen. Abends gab es immer ein schön serviertes Abendmenü mit mehreren Gängen, am Morgen ein tolles Frühstücksbuffet mit sehr vielen gesunden Alternativen und Nachmittags noch eine Jause! Der perfekte Ort also für einen entspannten Urlaub. 

kulinarische königstouren

Spannende Events in der Region

Ich finde es wirklich genial wie viel man sich in der Region Hochkönig überlegt. Neben den kulinarischen Königstouren gibt es auch ein Gondel Dinner, wo man ein regionales 5-Gänge Menü mit Weinbegleitung bekommt. Ende März findet das Craft Beer Festival statt wo heimisch gebrautes Bier verkostet werden kann. Es gibt Winzergondeln bei welchen in der Gondel Wein verkostet werden kann und im Sommer finden verschiedenste Kräuterwanderungen statt. Zu Weihnachten gibt es übrigens eine ganz besondere kulinarische Königstour: die Winterzauber Tour!
Langweilig kann einem bei so viel tollem Programm also gar nicht werden.

Für mich war es bestimmt nicht der letzte Aufenthalt in der Region Hochkönig und ich freue mich bereits jetzt schon wieder in der nächsten Saison noch die Heimatliebe Tour zu machen!

Solltet ihr noch Fragen zu den kulinarischen Königstouren haben, schreibt sie mir gerne in die Kommentare. Auf der Suche nach weiteren Reisefood Guides? Dann schaut mal bei meinen healthy food tips für Taipei oder Tulum vorbei! 

Für mehr Inspiration zu gesunden und leckeren Gerichten kannst du auch immer super gerne bei meinem Instagram Profil vorbei schauen! 



Best healthy food in Taipei – vegan cafés included!

food blogging online course

As I am writing this blog post about healthy food in Taipei I am sitting in this cute little plant-based vegan cafe snacking on a whole wheat cashew cheese sandwich and enjoying an unsweetened vegan chia tea. At first you might not expect to find healthy places in Taipei, but I am here to show you that the city offers some great choices for conscious eaters. Also, scroll all the way down if you want to find the best Mochi in Taipei!

Healthy food in Taipei

I have spent a week testing different restaurants and cafés in Taipei and want to summarize my best healthy food experiences in this blog post. Healthy food in Taipei is something quite „new“ apparently. I have talked to the owners of several restaurants who all were mainly expats coming back to Taiwan to bring plant-based food and healthy choices from their oversea adventures to the city of Taipei.

I was told Taiwanese people are not so interested in eating healthy yet as their local food is mainly fried and very calorie rich, but the trend is slowly taking off here as well. The owner of one restaurant even told me that they were the first ones to introduce kale to Taiwan. So the whole concept of plant-based food and clean eating is quite new here. Which makes it super interesting to find the hidden gems of fitness food in the city. 

In this blog post I want to share the best healthy food in Taipei with you, introducing 4 of my favorite cafés and also giving away some additional food recommendations in the end.

First off, what I loved about all of them was that each of these places had super fast wifi available. If I have had more time in Taipei I would have totally gone to them for some morning work sessions with my laptop 🙂 

The tamed fox 

Besides the delicious food I had at the tamed fox my highlight was their super cute little poodle dog Rae. He is so tame and instantly jumps on your lap to sit with you during breakfast. Definitely one of the sweetest little dogs I have ever seen and it made my visit to the tamed fox so memorable! This restaurant is situated within a short walk from the red line metro stop Xyni Anhe. The interior is very minimalist and stylish.

What impressed me was that they are making their own fresh granola right there in front of you in the kitchen, filling the restaurant with a delicious sweet smell. There is also a small shop in the café where you can buy beautiful mugs, portable cups and other fun things. The owner herself is super nice and we talked to her for a while. She has lived in Chicago and Los Angeles for quite some time and speaks perfect English.

Healthy Food in Taipei

Regarding the food we ordered several awesome dishes. Avocado toast with edamame hummus, an Açai chia pudding smoothie bowl and the banana bread french toast. Everything is made fresh right there on the spot with a lot of love and details. Each dish looks absolutely beautiful and is decorated in real food blogging fashion.

Taking a closer look at the menu I was able to find some very unique hot drinks like the black sesame actived characoal latte, the sun moon lake milk tea, the spice girl (turmeric, cayenne, pineapple, lemon juice) and they even had my new favorite drink golden milk. It also seems like a great spot to try typical Taiwanese oolong tea. For mains they have everything from Shashuka to a smoked salmon plate and chicken bowls.

If you are looking for a good Açai smoothie bowl in Taipei this is the place to find it. I like that they enhanced the recipe with a greek yoghurt chia pudding on one side and topped it with their own homemade granola. There were so many yummy dishes on the menu I had a hard time choosing. Really recommend this place for a good breakfast experience in Taipei! 

Best food in Taipei

The Antipodeon 

Regarding the atmosphere of the restaurant the Antipodeon definitely takes one of the first places on my list of healthy food in Taipei. I just loved the interior design. I was also lucky enough to still see their super creative Christmas decoration which was an upside down Christmas tree hanging from the ceiling. Everything is very stylish and modern. 
This place is definitely best for breakfast. They have a huge selection of amazing platters and good morning food choices. Most of it is healthy, but I also spotted some cheat day options – like the cinnamon roll we couldn’t resist to order. 

Healthy Food in Taipei

We got the queens platter featuring smoked salmon, grilled halloumi cheese, roasted cherry tomatoes, eggs, ham, avocado, beans and one sweet yoghurt and muesli parfait. We also ordered their signature Açai bowl which was topped with so many delicious things. Best smoothie bowl I had in the city by the way. They have some yummy porridge for those oats lovers and I even found Austrian Bircher Müsli on the menu! And if you are one of those avocado addicts than this is your place. The Antipodeon has everything from avocado baked egg to smoked salmon avocado toast and even an avocado breakfast platter.  

I was not surprised to find out that the owner is an expat from Brisbane, Australia, who let his inspirations flow into the dishes making them so unique. The restaurant also has a little patio, which makes it perfect to sit outside on a sunny day. It is really a lovely café and I would highly recommend you to go and check it out. 

Healthy Food in Taipei

Café by Juicy Diary 

This very special fitness place has to be included in my list of healthy food in Taipei. Already when I entered the restaurant I was excited about the super fancy look of it. Expect more of a restaurant flair than a normal café one. The tables are set with beautiful silverware, flowers on each table and stylish lights. Juicy diary used to sell fresh pressed juice and then since the demand was so high also opened a Café a couple of years ago. I find it the perfect healthy lunch or dinner spot. 

Healthy Food in Taipei

I think we were looking at the shiny menu for half an hour before we could decide what to order. So many healthy options! We finally got the chicken chipotle bowl, avocado toast and a chia pudding as a dessert. Since this Café by Juicy Diary is popular for its juices we also tried all of them. My favorite was the citrus one (I think that was actually the name of it) and my boyfriend really liked the red juice.

I am glad we actually shared the bowl because it was quite a big portion. The avocado toast was incredible and to my surprise I liked the chia pudding out of everything I ate there the best. It was a mixture of different aromas with a subtle sweetness was fascinating. The owner also recommend us to eat the special filled brioche, but we simply did not have any more space in our stomachs. Like this we also were not able to eat the delicious carrot cake for a second dessert as we initially intended to. 

We also got a chance to chat with the owner of the place who told us that she has lived in San Francisco for a really long time and that she brought healthy food back to Taiwan. She actually introduced Kale to Taipei when she first got started with Juicy Diary. How awesome is that?! Also, I would love to point out the amazing waiters that were on top of their game! 

Best food in Taipei

Ooh Cha Cha – Plant-based café

This vegan café is situated within a short walking distance to the Gutding metro station and is also very close to the center of Taipei. I am actually here right now as I am writing this blog post looking at my B.L.M.T sandwich filled with tempeh bacon, lettuce, cashew mozzarella, tomato and cashew sour cream. It is the first time I get to try vegan cheese and I love it. This cafe is quite different than the other places mentioned earlier as it only serves vegan food. The menu selection ranges from salad bowls to sandwiches, rolls and burgers.

Everything is vegan and they are making everything fresh in front of you. The café also have great smoothie choices, but I consider Ooh Cha Cha more of a lunch place than a breakfast venue. The Chia Masala I ordered is totally homemade and tastes much less sweet than I am used to! Definitely a good thing if you are trying to save calories. Ohh Cha Cha is definitely on top of my list for healthy food in Taipei!

Healthy Food in Taipei

Main take-aways

All food places mentioned above serve really healthy food. So they are the perfect option if you are looking to eat clean, vegan or gluten free in Taipei. They are however not the perfect option if you are looking for a very traditional taiwanese experience. As mentioned above in the first paragraph the local food is not so healthy and therefore these restaurants are heavily inspired by Western healthy food vibes. One exception is the drink menu, all of them serve very traditional matcha latte and Oolong tea. They are all beautiful in their own way, have good wifi and unique food choices I am sure you will enjoy if you want to eat healthy in Taipei. Regarding prices they are all a bit more expensive than local places, but definitely affordable. 

Best Mochi in Taipei – Additional recommendations 

During my week in Taipei I went to many different food markets, local restaurants and also the healthy places mentioned above. I quickly want to give you some extra tips of what you should not be missing out on when you are in Taipei, even though these options are not very healthy but suuuuper delicious.

  • Mochi – I Jy Sheng: they literally call themselves the best bakery in Taipei and I would sign that statement in an instant. Imagine a french macarons bakery but for chinese mochi! It is so incredible. They have this fresh hand made mochi in different flavors. I Jy Sheng is located on the first floor of the Taipei train station and so worth a visit. It is the best mochi in Taipei and I recommend you get the peanut butter Mochi. It is by far the best mochi I have had in Taiwan! 
  • Soup Dumplings- Xiao Long Bao: When you go to Taiwan it is a must to try the traditional soup dumplings. These are chinese dumplings filled with soup. You need to put the bao on a spoon and poke a hole into it to make the soup come out. Xiao Long Bao is a chain and has several locations around town and the best choice if you are looking for soup dumplings 
  • Dim Sum- Din Tai Fung: This chain is so popular we actually had to wait one hour to get a table. So many locals were eating there which is always a good sign when going out to eat in a different country. They also have two kinds of soup dumplings if you only can make it to one restaurant then go to this because you will get both of the dumpling experiences there 🙂
  • Street market food: Shillin night market: For local street food we went to one of the biggest night market where 600 vendors sell yummy traditional food. Some things we tried: Sticky rice on a stick, fried quail eggs, filled dumplings, chinese pancakes, fried mochi, pineapple cake and much more. 

Extra tip – best tea house view of Taipei 

Moreover, I had to include this tea house tip we went to. I mean if you are looking for healthy food in Taipei tea definitely counts! The view you have there while sipping your traditional Oolong tea is simply breath-taking! To get to this special tea house you actually need to make a half-day trip to Maokong station. Take the gondola from Taipei Zoo to the last stop which is Maokong station. Then walk out of the station and take a right, passing the bus stop and you will see the tea house. It is called Sih Ye and has a wide selection of chinese teas.

The tea house is overlooking the beautiful green mountains of Maokong and you can see all the way down to the skyscrapers of Taipei. You can even see the Taipei 101 in the distance. The restaurant has little „rooms“ for each guest with pillows on the floor and a table in the middle. You take off your shoes and have some relax time with your soothing tea.   

best tea house in Taipei

My take on Taiwan

It was my first visit to Taiwan – or to any chinese speaking country for that matter. I absolutely loved it. It was probably one of the coolest city trips I have ever done. I really liked it because it is so different than Austria. You get a complete different cultural experience, different food and you basically cant read anything. It might surprise you how clean the city is. I swear you would have been able to lick the metro floor. In the metro station I saw them sweeping the floor several times in front of me 😀 You can literally go to any public bathroom in every metro stop and not be completely disgusted by them. They are clean and don’t stink at all.

I also love the order in Taiwan. They love to queue for everything and nobody, seriously NOBODY would ever dare to jump the line. In the metro they have exact lines of where to get out and where to get in. The Taiwanese are super respectful and kind people.

I hope you enjoyed my blogpost on healthy food in Taipei. I had such a good time there and hope you will get to make this awesome experience yourself some day!

In case you are looking for more culinary travel guides you can check out my Puebla food guide and my Tulum food guide for the best spots to eat healthy there!


healthy food in Taipei



Puebla Food Guide – top 12 best restaurants and food spots

Puebla Food Guide

So excited to share this Puebla food guide with you all. Puebla is in my opinion the heart of gastronomy in Mexico. It is super well known for its incredible cuisine and extravagant restaurants. After having lived here twice I feel like I know my way around the best food spots in town pretty well and would love to share them with you now. 

The amount of cool, unique trendy places is really astonishing in Puebla. It was something I certainly didn’t expect when I came here the fist time. I can honestly say our restaurants & cafés in Austria don’t even come close to the awesome food spots you will find here! 

Gastronomy is super important for the city of Puebla. In almost every university you will find a gastronomy major, which is also what I studied during my exchange semester here. It is the soul and beating heart of the Mexican haute cuisine. The food is really so unbelievably good here and in this Puebla food guide I want to present you my top food choices of the city!

Puebla Food Guide


Here a list of my favorite breakfast spots in Puebla:

1. Olivia

I adore this place and therefore it is on top of my list for my Puebla food guide. The vibe, the atmosphere, the healthy food and the fair prices. When I go I always get the „Dejalo Fluir“ Detox shot at Olivia, which is a mix of apple vinagre, himalayan salt, honey, cinnamon and cardamon. A perfect start into the day! The matcha pancakes, smoothies and Açai bowl are my top choices there. They have a good internet connection as well and I love to work from there every once in a while. 

Puebla Food Guide

2. Mama Elena

I love this place because of the beautiful view onto the cathedral of Cholula. Its a super cute restaurant and they have a couple of healthy options. I unfortunately couldn’t make it there this year, but I remember from last year I loved their chia pudding and the fresh pressed juice is also really good. Check for special events there. Last year we went for a five course Valentines dinner with a view onto the cathedral. Mama Elena is really a magical place!

3. Tonico 12 

This place is definitely on top of my food list here in Puebla. What ever you order will guarantee an explosion of color on your plate. Everything is homemade and super high quality ingredients are used. Tonico 12 has many vegan and vegetarian options and uses a lot of superfood for the dishes. I had characol pancakes and a characol smoothie which tasted amazing! What I also really liked was how they decorate the dishes.  Tonico 12 is on my list for breakfast places, but I also recommend it for a healthy lunch or dinner option! 

Puebla Food Guide

4. La Cupula 

This is a restaurant downtown in the center of Puebla. Its a rooftop restaurant so you have an amazing  360 degree view over the entire city. We went there for breakfast which I can highly recommend. It is a buffet and only costs 150 pesos (like 8 euros) and you have a huge selection and can also get fresh Chilaquiles, Enchiladas and Omlettes from the kitchen. Highly recommend checking out la Cupula!

5. La Chula 

This is a tiny little juice bar in Cholula. Everything is made right there in front of you. The ingredients are super fresh and the choice of healthy juices are amazing! They also offer a small breakfast menu including omlettes (which were incredible) and bowls (even better). We had the crazy monkey bowl which included peanut butter and banana! 

6. Soul Vali

Tulum vibes coming right up with this one. A visit at Soul Vali feels like a short term vacation. The tropical and chill atmosphere makes eating there super enjoyable. It is situated in a little garden with beautiful white hammock chairs and wooden tables. They have a huge selection of healthy bowls and decorate them like top food bloggers! I think we spent like three hours there soaking in the atmosphere. Soul Vali also has Wifi so its a good place for a little work session as well. 

Puebla Food Guide

Lunch & Dinner

7. Casona de los Sapos

I am putting this place first on my Puebla food guide regarding dinner & lunch choices.  Out of all the places we went to it definitely impressed me the most with their dishes and quality of food. Casona de los Sapos is a small boutique hotel with only 19 super luxury rooms hosting three restaurants and one French bakery.

We had dinner at Osteria del Rospo and were stunned by professional service and haute cuisine sent from the kitchen. We treated ourself to a three course meal there and were so happy about all the healthy low carb options that can be found in the menu. The combination of flavor we found in all dishes were so well balanced, but also challenged your senses at the same time. This is really what I call a unique food experience. The next morning we had breakfast in their French restaurant. We were offered some of the fresh pastries from the bakery and ordered some main dishes.  I rarely ate such a good salmon omelette. 

Puebla Food Guide

8. Textileria

This place is simply so cool. Honestly I wish we had a restaurant like that in my city at home. The interior is super stylish and has a modern/vintage twist. The service is world class and the waiters make you feel like the most important person in the room. Although I consider Textileria quite fancy the prices are absolutely affordable for any European. As a starter they bring you this fantastic bread with different kinds of sauces to try. I was feeling a bit adventurous when we went there and ordered the grasshopper tacos. I also had salmon there one time which was incredible and needs to mentioned on my Puebla food guide. 

9. Intro 

This is probably one of the higher priced restaurants in Puebla and has made quite a name for itself. My host sister is managing the bar so I simply had to come and check it out and go for a drink there. After a super delicious non-alcoholic matcha cocktail at Intro we got some food there as well.  I ordered the cauliflower with feta cheese, which was really yummy and my friends had octopus and ceviche. Expect to pay a bit more here than in other places, but also expect top class food and amazing service. When we sat down the chef send a little greeting fro the kitchen with was also super yummy! I loved the interior and classy style of the place.

10. La Berejena

You might not expect to find good pizza in Mexico, but la Berejena will prove you wrong. They have a super creative pizza menu, offering different combinations of flavors you have never tried before on a pizza. The place is usually packed, but after a short while waiting we got a table. The decoration of the restaurant is super hip & trendy. I ordered a salad because it just sounded so amazing. It was with caramelized pecans, goat cheese, apple slices and jamón serrano. I also shared a pizza with my boyfriend which was delicious. 

Puebla Food Guide

11. The Ocho30 

Another hipster food spot in Puebla that needs to be mentioned in my Puebla food guide.  There are a couple Ocho30 restaurants in Puebla, each one specializing in one specific meal (paninis, pizza,…) What I really love about 80.30 is the interior decoration. It is just so cool! My two favorite ones are in Cholula and in Lomas de Angelopolis. I ate lasagne there last time, which was great. The prices are super affordable, but don’t expect huge portions. Perfect for not gaining weight though 😉 

12. Sushi-iito

Okay I simply had to put this one on my Puebla food guide list because I went there so many times. This is not the traditional high end restaurant you would expect. It is a pretty basic sushi chain with an AMAZING offer I simply was not able to resist. So, I absolutely love sushi and Sushi-iito has this offer from Monday to Thursday where you order one roll and get the second one for free! Whaaat?! Yes you heard correctly!

The best thing, one roll costs like 100 pesos (4 euros) and it is actually really good sushi. Totally recommend you to check it out when you are here. We loved going to the one in Lomas de Angelopolis because it has a nice atmosphere as well. Oh and by the way don’t go to Shirushi. OMG I absolutely hated that place. That was my worst food experience in Puebla. So if you are on the lookout for sushi go to Sushi-iito instead! 

Top chefs in Puebla 

Since I studied here for half a year in the field of gastronomy & mixology I was also able to get to know a lot of people working in this area here. Many of my friends are top chefs and bartenders here who are also being flown around internationally to cook in different countries. The Puebla food guide would not be complete if you didn’t get to know some of the chefs behind the scenes. Here I would like to present two of my favorite talents of the city. 

Elena Centeno

Puebla Food GuideThis sweet girl is actually my host sister. Elena has an incredible talent for creating the most amazing cocktails and is head of bar at Intro, one of the finest restaurants in the city. She has entered various mixology competitions and impressed the judges more than once! 
Since I don’t really drink alcohol she made me a super special „healthy“ matcha cocktail. I was really impressed by the taste and creativity of the drink. 
Her signature drink Green Velvet is also super healthy. Its with avocado, egg white and matcha! Sounds like a pure fitness drink, right?! 

Daniel Nantes

Puebla Food GuideThis guy has some real skills! Daniel is of the uprising stars in Pueblas gastronomy world who was just recently flown to Russia to cook for the Mexican embassy in Moscow! His skill to innovate new dishes and combine all kinds of ingredients into a firework of flavors is unique. During the time I was here I was lucky enough to have tasted a three course meal he and Elena put together (they are dating by the way – what a power couple in the kitchen).

Make sure to check out their Insta for some real high class food inspo! 


My love for Puebla

I hope you enjoyed this Puebla food guide and will check some of these places out if you ever get to the city! I promise you will be stunned the by the high quality and unique restaurants & cafés you find in the city. If you are looking for more food tips in Mexico I recommend you check out my Tulum food guide

Puebla Food Guide

I honestly really love Puebla and I have a close connection to this city because I lived here for quite a while and have made tons of friends here. It has such a charm and besides the food there are also so many things to see and do. They have this super cool VIP and 4Dx cinema that makes every movie experience so memorable. Also visiting the markets, taking a spin on the Estrella de Puebla and shopping at some of their fancy malls is a ton of fun.

Let me know if you still have any questions and I am happy to answer them in the comments!