Best Instagram photo spots on the Amalfi coast

best photography spots on the Amalfi coast 

A helpful guide for the best Instagram photo spots on the Amalfi coast.

I recently visited one of Italy’s most beautiful coast line. The so called Amalfi coast. Beautiful little cliff villages and small winding roads along the rough shore with lemon trees and authentic Italian stores along the way. Visiting this beautiful part of Italy is the perfect opportunity to take some new Instagram photos and in this blog post I will be sharing some insider tips for the best photography views you will find on the Amalfi coast.

Best Instagram photo spots on the Amalfi coast

Let me show you the most Insta worthy photo spots on the Amalfi coast: 

Photospots in Positano 

You can’t leave the Amalfi coast without stopping in Positano for the obligatory beach photo with the breathtaking cliff village in the background. I think this is the most instagrammed spot on the entire coast and definitely worth a picture. 

Marina Grande Beach Shot 

Parking in Positano can be quite the hassle. We always parked our car in a paid garage since it is almost impossible to find street parking. You can go down to the lowest parking house and pay 7€ per hour to be as close to the beach as possible. If you park further up you will have to walk for about half an hour down to the beach, which can be a nice walk as well as you will get a good view as you walk down. Once you are at the beach I recommend you walk all the way till the end of the beach to get the best shot with most of the village in the background. 

best photography spots on the Amalfi coast 

Changing Rooms Marina Grande 

You will find the cutest little changing rooms right in front of the Marina Grande. We had to be quick to take these shots there though because its usually just for people who are also paying for the sun chairs on the beach. They look so cute and I love the blue and white contrast with the little sailor signs on the doors. 

best photography spots on the Amalfi coast 

The pier on a windy day

One of the days we visited Positano we some rough weather and sea conditions. There was a red flag on the beach an no one was allowed to go swimming because of the huge waves coming in. This was perfect though to be on the pier and watch the waves crash against the stone walls, splashing up water like a geysir. Here is a really nice Insta photo I took of my boyfriend Alberto:

best photography spots on the Amalfi coast 

Hidden small beach 

One of our more adventurous travel friend found this little hidden beach a couple minutes away from the main Spiagga Grande. Pass the hotel Covo dei Sarenci and walk up the little trail called Via Positanese d“America until you see the little beach. There are tiny steps you can take to get down to the beach. We took some great shots there as well because there were absolutely no people. Here is a photo I took of my boyfriend: 

best photography spots on the Amalfi coast 

Lookout point at Via Cristoforo Colombo 

Another epic view over the old town of Positano will be a little further up the hill. Walk up the via Cristoforo Colombo. You will pass some nice hotels. One of them is le Sirenuse – a 5 star hotel as I believe. You can ask to see the terrace, where you also find a nice view over town. I recommend however walking further up the hill until you get to a nice little lookout point for another perfect Amalfi coast photo! 

best Insta worthy photo spots on the Amalfi coast 

Best photo spots in Sorrento 

There are many great locations to take photos in Sorrento. Since we were already shooting a lot of content the other days in Positano we only took one really awesome shot in Sorrento. This spot is perfect because it is just around the corner of the parking house in downtown Sorentto. Park at the garage on Via Correale and then continue walking down the street until you find yourself in little California. Tall palm trees, a relatively big street for Italian understandings and nice houses. We took a walking shot on the street there and it looked fantastic. 
I can also recommend visiting one of the many lemon gardens in the city for an epic lemon tree photo. 

street photo Instagram shot Sorentto

Atrani photo spot 

Another nice photo location is in Atrani. It has a small little beach were we spent the afternoon sunbathing. Next to the beach is an Italian restaurant with yummy pizza. Get a table close to the beach and you will have a nice view onto the church and center of Atrani. 

two blonde girls eating pizza in Atrani on the amalfi coast

Maiori photo spot

One day we went to the town of Maiori. The beach is much bigger compared to the other ones on the coast. If you stroll down the beach you can find some great Instagram photo spots on the Amalfi coast! I especially liked the awesome castle at the end of the beach which was a real eye-catcher on the photo! 

best photography spots on the Amalfi coast  best photography spots on the Amalfi coast 

Conca dei Marini photo spot 

Last but not least I have another epic Instagram photo spot on the Amalfi coast for you! At one point I am sure you will be driving somewhere between Sorentto and Salerno down the coast and will probably pass the small town of Conca dei Marini. There is an incredible 5 star hotel there called Monastero de Santa Rosa. We went there for drinks and took some stunning photos along the way. 

The gardens

On the little patio where they serve the drinks for the guests there are beautiful lemon trees. There is even this perfect little swing placed between two lush lemon trees. This is absolutely the perfect Instagram photo spot on the Amalfi coast and you should definitely sit down for a photo. 

best photography spots on the Amalfi coast 

The terrace 

Our waiter Stefano was so kind and friendly and asked us if we wanted to see the terrace. Honestly I must say it was the most stunning place I have seen on the entire Amalfi coast trip. Simply stunning and mind blowing. The view you will get up there is out of this world. You are so high up and will be overlooking everything. The hotel has a beautiful infinity pool that looks unreal together with the blue ocean and the rough cliffs in the background. On the other side of the terrace you will see all the way down the other side of the Amalfi coast. 

best photography spots on the Amalfi coast 

I hope this little photo guide for the best Instagram photo spots on the Amalfi coast was helpful for you. I really enjoyed my time there even though it was really crowded and there were so many people everywhere. In general I would recommend going everywhere super early or later, just before sunset. This way you will have less people and better light for photos. 

Have fun exploring the Amalfi coast! If you look for more travel guides you should check out these food guides: 

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